Lessons for Tuesday-Sunday, 11-16 Cheshvan, 5772

Positive Commandment 98 (Digest)

Ritual Impurity of Food and Drink

No foods are susceptible to ritual impurity unless it was first dampened with one of the seven liquids. This dampening is referred to as hechsher. These concepts are derived from Leviticus 11:38 which states: "When water will be placed on a seed...."


We are commanded regarding food and drink that have contracted ritual impurity. [I.e., one must follow all the laws associated with this impurity.]

המצווה הצ”ח

 הציווי שנצטווינו לדון בטומאת אוכלין ומשקין כדינים האמורים בהם.
ומצווה זו כוללת כל תורת טומאת אוכלין ומשקין כולם.

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