The Lubavitcher Rebbe has proposed that all Jews study the works of Rambam (Rabbeinu Moshe ben Maimon – Maimonides) on a daily basis.

Three alternatives have been suggested:

  1. Study of Mishneh Torah within one year; 
  2. For those unable to do so, study of Mishneh Torah within three years; 
  3. For those unable to learn Mishneh Torah, study of Sefer HaMitzvos, arranged so that the mitzvos learned in the daily section of Sefer HaMitzvos correspond to the laws learned in the daily section of Mishneh Torah (as learned within one year).

The 30th cycle of Rambam learning has begun, Have you been keeping up with the Rebbe’s Takana? Subscribe Today!

This new blog aims to make learning more fun for all ages, by posting a picture for every mitzvah alongside the text of the daily mitzvos from sefer hamitzvos,

 SeeTheMitzvah.com is seeking artists who would willing to volunteer their talent to draw pictures for the blog viewers.


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